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Having a personal relationship with God, especially now being at university, could never be more important to me. The university journey of course prompts many academic and personal challenges such as exam stress, anxiety, and even depression. For me, disciplining myself to keep the faith helps me to steer clear from a such hardships.

Being a Christian hugely impacts many of my life decisions. I feel like one huge topic of debate is the issue of religion and clubbing. I’m no regular party-goer but no one should judge anyone for wanting to go out and enjoy themselves. At the end of the day we are all social beings; we strive to develop ourselves socially in any way we can and we are blessed with freewill and choice.

University is a very unique experience: we are all moving away from parents for the first time and faced with a need to be independent.  For me, it is important to explore this independence while maintaining my religious beliefs and practices. Having this first and full taste of freedom and independence can easily cause a person to test their faith and need to re-assess or re-establish their relationship with God.


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